Thursday, September 3, 2015

custom t shirts bulk

There are many ways to create your own custom t-shirts that are affordable, we're going to show you a few of them. Nowadays with everyone tightening their belts financially, find people that if you have your own custom t-shirts, you can get a boat load of money. The bottom line, when it comes to making a custom t shirt that you can use one of many ways to go about it. You can print the image on the screen the shirts, embroidery, fabric painting and you can also iron-on images on the shirts. 

Screen printing. 
First lets discuss screen printing. You buy the shirts below wholesale at an online bulk delivery company. You buy a simple screen printing press and delivers and grab a CD or a book on screen printing technique. Before you know it you will have your own custom t-shirts at a fraction of what it would cost you to buy a local screen printer. Over time this hobby can become a very profitable career. 

If you want to make your own custom t-shirts and you decide embroidery is the way to go, again, if you buy the tees online at a bulk supplier. Embroidery equipment is now pennies on the dollar compared to ten years ago. You can get a one station embroidery maker in your garage or even kitchen table set. The supplies for embroidery a long way to go, and once again, this little hobby has the potential to be a real money making venture if you decide to go big time. 

Fabric painting. 
The area of mostly fabric painting falls into the category homemade or crafting. The children make shirt designs for the grandparents, the family tees designs for a family reunion, or the local boy or girl scouts working on a project to earn merit badges. The shirts again, at a bulk supplier to save you the absolute most on your money bought online. Then hit the local craft store or even eBay or Amazon for the fabric paint. 

Iron on. 
When you have your own custom t shirts bulk transfers iron on or is the easiest of the four that we have mentioned. You'll get the shirts from an online supplier at a great price with free shipping. Then your discount on the craft store, or an online auction, to a premade iron on transfer for the shirts. However, many stores like staples a program made by Hanes offer, which allows you to create custom t-shirts on your own computer. You load the program, design, print the image on the transfer paper they supply or that you've gotten elsewhere, iron-on patches and your good to go!